Township Ordinances & Forms

Township Ordinances & Forms


This page provides township residents and other applicants important information on regulated and permitted activities within Freedom Township. The information consists of various forms, ordinances and explanatory guides, organized with the objective of providing a “one-stop” location for persons interested in obtaining necessary forms and permits, as well as understanding the current requirements.

Freedom Township has included on this "one-stop" permitting information website the related requirements of the Western Washtenaw Construction Authority. This includes policies, application forms and other guides issued by the WWCA. This information is provided for the convenience of the user, but users are encouraged to contact the WWCA or other appropriate township or county personnel with any questions or concerns.

This page is organized as follows:


Freedom Township provides local handling and permitting for several activities within the township.

All users of this web site are advised to consult the full version of any ordinance(s) which may apply to the proposed activities, and to seek the advice and guidance of the Zoning Adminstrator, Planning Commission Chair and/or Township Clerk, when evaluating the need for permits and completing applications and submittals for such. Information shown below may not be complete and is provided as a general guide only.

NOTE: New Freedom Township Fee Schedule uploaded and effective October 9, 2018.

NOTE:  New Freedom Township application forms below were approved November 2010, replacing the previous versions and the general "Township of Freedom - Application" form.

It is important to review and understand the Notice to Petitioners and Applicants (click here - pdf document) when completing and submitting the Application.

Please note also the Application Supplemental Statement (click here - pdf document), which will be required when applying for a land split.

Please submit 10 copies of the Application and all supporting documents to the Township Clerk, along with the appropriate fee. To be included on the agenda for the Planning Commission, you must submit a complete application and fee into the Clerk 10 business days prior to the Planning Commission meetings. Any incomplete applications will be tabled until a complete application is submitted 10 business days prior to the Planning Commission meetings. They meet every first Tuesday of the month. It is highly recommended that the applicant attend the meeting, in case there are specific questions that need to be answered regarding your situation. The Township Clerk is:

Valisa Bristle
11.085 Pleasant Lake Road
Manchester, Michigan 48158
Telephone: 734-428-7545 ext.2

FOIA Requests Contact- Clerk Valisa Bristle   (734)428-7545 ext. 2 
FOIA Request Form
FOIA Policy
Forms can be emailed to
or mailed to Clerk at:
11508 Pleasant Lake Road


If you are appealing to the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA), the Chair of the ZBA will contact you regarding the hearing date.

Tax Deferment Application (click here - pdf document)

This form may be used to request deferment of taxes under particular circumstances. Submit this form to the Township Treasurer. Multi-part original paper copies of this application may be obtained from the Treasurer.

The Township Treasurer is:

Rudy Layher
11200 Pleasant Lake Road
Manchester, MI 48158                  
(734) 428-7545 ext.3                                

Zoning Compliance Certificates (“Zoning Permits”)
Prior to applying for a building permit from the Western Washtenaw Construction Authority, Freedom Township applicants are required to obtain a zoning compliance certificate from Freedom Township. Zoning compliance review and approval is provided by Jim Coval, Zoning Administrator for Freedom Township.

Contact Zoning Administrator at:
Jim Coval
8971 W. Textile Road
Ann Arbor, Mi 48103
734-428-7545 ext. 4

The Zoning Compliance Application must be completed to obtain a certificate. Click here for the zoning compliance application. For guidance on completing and submitting this form, click here. You should complete the application, make three copies, and provide the original and three copies to Jim Coval along with a $ 75.00 check made payable to the Township of Freedom.

Address Assignment
Addresses within Freedom Township are assigned by the Zoning Administrator, Jim Coval, at 734-428-7545 ext. 4 or The Zoning Compliance Application referenced in the above heading is also used to obtain an address. Click here for the application. Click here for guidance on requesting an address assignment.


Western Washtenaw Construction Authority
The Western Washtenaw Construction Authority (WWCA), often referred to as the “Building Authority”, is a regional body including Freedom, Bridgewater and Manchester Townships, and the Village of Manchester. The WWCA acts as the permitting and enforcing agency for building activities and soil erosion/sedimentation control for these governments.

Building and SESC Permits/Inspections
Building permits for Freedom Township are issued by the Western Washtenaw Construction Authority, 912 City Road, P. O. Box 556, Manchester, Michigan 48158 (located in the lower level of the Manchester Village offices). Contact Dale Behnke at the WWCA (734-428-7001) for guidelines, applications and permit inspections. The fax number is 734-428-1849. Office hours for the WWCA are 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They are closed Tuesday and Thursday. Dale Behnke is generally in the office from 8:00 AM until 10:00 AM, and then leaves for appointments.

Responsibility for Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (SESC) permits has recently been transferred to the WWCA. Contact Dale Behnke for details on permit applications and inspections.

All forms, applications and guidance documents associated with the WWCA are now available on-line. Click this Western Washtenaw Construction Authority  link to be taken to their page.

Burn Permits
Burn permits are required for burning brush or other combustibles outside a burn barrel. Burn permits are obtained by calling the Manchester Township Fire Department (734-428-9439). Permits are issued verbally and a log is maintained. It is likely that you will get a recording when calling for a burn permit - leave your information on the recorder.

Failure to obtain a burn permit, and a subsequent call-out of the fire department, may subject the party to standard emergency fire call-out charges.


Driveway Permits
When a driveway must be constructed onto a county road in Freedom Township, a driveway permit is required from the Washtenaw County Road Commission, 555 North Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103. Permit information and downloadable forms pertaining to the Washtenaw County Road Commission, in particular for driveways, may be obtained by clicking here.  You can contact the WCRC at 734-761-1500.

Well and Septic Permits
Permits for domestic wells and septic systems in Freedom Township are issued by the Washtenaw County Environmental Health Department, 705 North Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103. Contact them at 734-222-3800. Permit information and downloadable forms pertaining to the Washtenaw County Environmental Health Department, in particular for domestic well and septic systems, may be obtained by clicking here.

Washtenaw County has now implemented eConnect, an on-line method to check the status of a well or septic permit in Freedom Township during its processing. Click here to be connected to this resource.

Property Assessing and Equalization
Property assessing and equalization activities in Freedom Township are administered by Washtenaw County’s Equalization Department. This link will take you to their home page. Click here for parcel lookup and other features that are available. They may also be reached at 734-222-6515 (contact person: Melissa Brooks 


The following documents establish general requirements and long-range planning within the township.

Ordinance Enforcement
Enforcement of Freedom Township general ordinances is provided by Austin Helber. Please direct questions or concerns to Austin at 734-660-5790 or mail to 11508 Pleasant Lake Road, Manchester, Mi 48158.

The following documents, as well as all documents on this web site, are in PDF format, and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view them.  Adobe software is downloadable for no cost.   If you don't have this software at this time, click here to go to the Adobe site for a download.

Freedom Township Master Plan

The updated Freedom Township Master Plan was adopted December 8, 2015. The Plan seeks to plan for and regulate growth within the township, to achieve various goals and provide for the well-being of all township residents and enterprises. A paper copy may be purchased from the Township Clerk.

To download and view the Master Plan, click here.

Freedom Township Zoning Ordinance

The current Freedom Township Zoning Ordinance was adopted January 14, 2014, effective February 1, 2014. The Zoning Ordinance defines zoning districts, appropriate structures and activities therein, and various policies and procedures to ensure coherent and appropriate planning for the township’s daily life and future. A paper copy of the Zoning Ordinance may be purchased from the Township Clerk.

The Zoning Ordinance was amended on September 13, 2016, effective October 1, 2016. Here are the amendments.

To download and view the Zoning Ordinance, click here.

Individual chapters of the 2014 Zoning Ordinance may be viewed and downloaded by clicking the appropriate link below:

Cover Page and Table of Contents
Article 1.0 - Administration and Enforcement
Article 2.0 - Zoning Districts
Article 3.0 - Dimensional Standards    Amendment to Article 3.0
Article 4.0 - Land Use Table
Article 5.0 - Use Standards
Article 6.0 - General Provisions    Amendment to Article 6.0
Article 7.0 - Nonconformities
Article 8.0 - Condominium Regulations
Article 9.0 - Acreage Parcel Division  
Article 10.0 - Supplementary Development Provisions    Amendment to Article 10.0
Article 11.0 - Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations
Article 12.0 - Sign Regulations
Article 13.0 - Reserved
Article 14.0 - Planned Unit Development District
Article 15.0 - Site Plan Review
Article 16.0 - Conditional Uses
Article 17.0 - Zoning Board of Appeals
Article 18.0 - Amendments
Article 19.0 - Definitions    Amendment to Article 19.0
Article 20.0 - Legal Clauses
Notice of Adoption - Freedom Township ZO 2014

The Planning Commission periodically considers modifications to the Zoning Ordinance. Watch the "News Page" for periodic updates. 

The Freedom Township Zoning Map is also available by clicking here.

You can view a text version of the earlier 2007 version of the Zoning Ordinance (now superceded by the approved February 2014 version). This 2007 version is available for historical reference purposes only, and should not be consulted for current or proposed applications. Click here to view this earlier version.  

Freedom Township General Ordinances

Freedom Township has enacted several general ordinances over the years to regulate various activities within the township. Paper copies of current ordinances may be purchased from the Township Clerk.

To download and view the General Ordinances

Continuity & Emergency Preparedness Plan

Township Hall Rental

The township hall is available for rent for social functions and meetings. A complete brochure containing information, rates and rules can be downloaded by clicking here. Contact Townhall Manager Jodie Anderson at (734) 428-7545 ext. 6 to reserve a date.

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